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Our goal is to provide prompt and timely service.

Here at Devoted Kings Transportation, we assist major distribution centers in moving goods and products throughout the United States of America to ensure that all loads arrive at their destination safely. We guarantee that the loads will arrive on time. Devoted Kings Transportation’s objective is dependability, safety, Customer satisfaction, and professionalism. The loads are insured for over 1 million dollars worth of coverage. Our drivers are trained to ensure that whatever is being transported arrives safe and secured.

The drivers pick up goods and materials among manufacturing, distribution, and retail centers; we verify loads for accuracy and deliver them as instructed. We ensure that traffic laws are followed and accident procedures adhered to. Mechanical problems are reported to the maintenance shop. Devoted Kings Transportation is the logical choice for local and regional transportation. Our drivers are simply the best. We treat every load as if it were our freight.

Our goal is to provide prompt and timely service. We operate a modern fleet of late model day cabs and dry vans. We have our internal Dispatch team to manage every load from start to finish. Our primary service area is from the East Coast and the West Coast. However, we provide service outside these areas for reliable and contract transportation.