Our mission with the clothing drive was to help families in need within our community, especially during the cold and harsh winter weather.

Suits for men and boys need proper attire for job interviews, business dress codes, and religious services.

We chose a member of our community who exemplified giving back to the community and empowering youth.

Through selfless service looks like this hero of the community was facing life's challenges and hardships Himself.  So, we Devoted Kings and several other organizations want to honor and serve him and his family during the Christmas season to show that his efforts were appreciated and did not go unnoticed.  Unknown to him and his family. We presented them with a plaque of appreciation for his service to the community and donations from several organizations to help aid in his time of need.


I Am You, Inc.

"Better Together, Stronger Wherever!"

I Am You Inc. is an organization committed to fostering transformation and promoting peace and unity. Our goal is to provide the tools, support, and positive alternatives needed for others to become the best versions of themselves and amend our community.

Here at I Am You Inc., we aim to provide needed resources to the communities that lack them the most. Our focus is to provide an environment suitable for growth and healing to completely shift negative generational issues and drive the next generation of self-empowered individuals and Philanthropists.

Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others. To get involved or to learn more, visit

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